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Autosol Chrome Cleaner Metal Polish 75ml Tube
£ 6.10 Information Part Information
Polish for all metal parts; chrome, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel etc. Cleans, polishes, protects and removes rust.
Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only
Bike Cleaner - Muc-Off 1 Litre
£ 6.96 Information Part Information
Spray On, Wash Off Bike Cleaner Can be used to clean all of your bike, Fully biodegradable & alkaline based. Specifically formulated to be safe on disc brake pads, anodising and paintwork.
Bike Cleaner - Muc-Off Bike Cleaner 5 Litre
£ 28.58  
Brake and Clutch Cleaner 500ml Aerosol
£ 3.16  
Carburettor Cleaner - 250 ml Aerosol
£ 3.00  
Carburettor Cleaner - Carb Kleen Rock Oil - 400 ml Aerosol
£ 6.40  
Carburettor Cleaner - Motorex - 500ml
£ 9.36 Information Part Information
Cleans air passages, intake valve, venturi tube, etc etc. Suitable for all types of carburettors.
Chain Cleaner Muc-Off Quick Drying 400ml
£ 8.48  
Degreaser - Oil Cleaner - Engine Degreaser 300 ml Aerosol
£ 2.40  
Degreaser - Oil Cleaner Soluble Engine Cleaner - Aerosol 400ml
£ 8.20  
Degreaser - Rock Oil Cleaner Soluble 400ml SOC Engine Cleaner - Aerosol
£ 5.44 Information Part Information
Degreasing agent used for removing and dissolving oil, grease and grime. Aerosol.
Exhaust Silencer Plug Double Ended
£ 4.63 Information Part Information
Stops water and dirt getting into the exhaust while cleaning or storing your bike. Fits holes 22mm-33mm and 41mm-51mm.
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